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“Piselli” vase by Isabelle Sicart, 2023

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Enameled earthenware vase entitled “Piselli.” One of a kind.

French work by ceramist Isabelle Sicart. 2023

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Born in Marseille in 1970, Isabelle Sicart lives and works in Paris.

After studying ceramics at the Graduate school of Applied Arts, she joined the Lalique creation studio in 1991. Later, she started developing her very own designs that combine precision and softness. Since 2004, she has been producing and modeling ceramic objects, unique pieces or in limited series. She has also worked with designer Emmanuel Levet Stenne to create two table collections with enameled stoneware feet or top, eg. the “Polka” pedestal table, the “Sirtaki” console and the “ Fado ” coffee table.

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Posté le November 29th, 2023