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Romain Paris Garnault

Romain Paris Garnault set up his workshop in 2022 at the foot of the Pyrenees, in the heart of a woodland and forest landscape. Here, he sculpts one-of-a-kind furniture and objects, carved directly from sections of tree trunks, seeking above all to create sculptures for living, somewhere between craft, art and design, magnifying the very nature of the material in all its sensuality. Most of the wood used is local, reclaimed and carefully and ethically selected from pruned trees. Romain is self-taught, and his creative process is intuitive, leaving plenty of room for serendipity. The object takes shape as it goes along, a compromise between the cracks and knots that animate the wood, functionality and the desire to sublimate the grain pattern unique to each trunk, thus revealing the “inner beauty” of a tree in all its individuality.