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Isabelle Sicart & Emmanuel Levet Stenne

After studying ceramics at the Graduate School of Applied Arts, Isabelle Sicart joined the Lalique creation studio in 1991. There, she discovered the materials and learned the precision and care required to design any object. In 1999, she designed her first ceramic collection for “Les Migrateurs”, a French furniture maker. She also created lamps for French pottery maker Faïencerie de Lunéville. Since 2004, she has been producing and modeling her own ceramic objects, unique pieces or in limited series. Her work is a mixture of classicism and surrealism and has attracted a number of decorators like Tino Zervudachi.

A graduate designer from ENSCI – Les Ateliers, Emmanuel Levet Stenne specialized in interior design, working closely with ceramicists, metalworkers or cabinet makers. Since 2001, he has worked with Eric Schmitt, which helped him broaden his knowledge of all art forms.

In 2013, he started a 4-handed work collaboration with Isabelle Sicart, where their own particular know-how meet and a dialogue between different materials emerges. From this prolific association, an original set of pieces came out, made up of enameled sandstone, lacquered metal or polished bronze, designed especially for parisian Galerie Carole Decombe.