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“Tree of Young Love”, photograph by Diana Lui, 2004, sold

Black and white photograph entitled “Tree of Young Love”, by Diana Lui, 2004.

Silver print by Choi, edition 3/10.


Location: Djurgarden Park, Stockholm, Sweden.

“The light had fallen, dusk veiled the sky. From far away,

 I saw this tree shaped like an octopus turned upside down.

 Two dark forms were moving among the tree branches.

When I was near enough, I saw that these dark forms were

 children, hanging from the branches like silent monkeys.

I climbed into the tree which seemed to be inviting me with

 its tentacle-like branches. These branches were strong like

 hard, muscled arms under my fingers. Then all of a sudden

 I noticed initials of people’s names and little hearts carved

 discreetly into the branches all over the tree. Everyone

mentioned on this tree was in love. All around me, when

 I looked hard enough were shy declarations of love…”