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Set of 3 coffee tables by Nicolas & Sébastien Reese, Isabelle Sicart, and Emmanuel Levet Stenne

Set of three coffee tables in different height, diameter and finish.

Mat black enameled stoneware base and glass top.

The glass top uses hand-made glass by Perrin et Perrin and is hand-decorated with metal leaves by artists Nicolas and Sébastien Reese.

French collaborative work by ceramist Isabelle Sicart, artists Nicolas and Sébastien Reese and designer Emmanuel Levet Stenne, 2016.

Unique pieces. Available as a set or by piece.


Large : Moon gold leaf. 33,3 inches diameter x 18,1 inches high.

Medium : Palladium leaf. 27,5 inches diameter x 16,5 inches high.

Small : Yellow gold leaf and a hand-made snake motif in palladium leaf. 25,5 inches diameter x 15,7 inches high.